Dear Tarbell Readers,

I wanted to give you a heads up on an exciting development regarding our recent story on the drug industry’s scheme with the Obama administration to discourage Americans’ use of international pharmacies. Many citizens depend on legitimate overseas drug stores to supply affordable medications.

On June 11, Florida State Representative Danny Burgess asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the matter:

“I believe that an open, and transparent investigation by the Department of Justice is warranted in this instance. Attempts by the Executive Branch, or members of a particular industry, to stifle their competition or to prevent citizens from having access to all available safe and affordable options is unconscionable.”

Burgess is the chair of the Florida House Insurance and Banking Subcommittee and also sits on the body’s Oversight Transparency & Administration Subcommittee.


This is the kind of impact and action that hard-hitting investigative journalism delivers. We look forward to bringing you more.

Wendell Potter

*See Rep. Burgess’ entire letter to AG Sessions below

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To Be Fair, Inc. and founder Wendell Potter is an American consumer advocate, New York Times bestselling author, consultant, and former health insurance industry executive. A critic of HMOs and of the tactics used by insurers, Potter is also an advocate for major reforms of the industry, including universal health care.