From our launch, Tarbell aimed to offer not just investigations into corporate collusion with government but also insight into how to positively change public policy and equitably rebuild our American republic. To continue that pursuit in our second year, Tarbell has hired a standout government watchdog to oversee and grow our journalism in 2019.

Veteran investigative journalist Dina Rasor joins Tarbell starting this week as Managing Editor. She brings her determination, solution-driven attitude and keen insights into the military-industrial congressional complex and other areas of corporate cronyism to Tarbell’s team.

Dina will be critical to leading two new areas of investigation for Tarbell: Military and Environment. She will also oversee our continued and growing investigative and solutions reporting on health care. Dina has an incredible record of digging up secrets and misinformation about the defense sector and its corporate ties, while maintaining strong connections with military sources and whistleblowers that provide her insights from the inside.

In 1981, Dina founded the Project on Military Procurement, a Washington-based organization that exposes fraud and corruption in the defense department via collaboration with whistleblowers and insiders. The organization changed names to the Project on Government Oversight, where she now serves on the Board of Directors. She also spent three years at developing actionable solutions readers can take, long before most other news outlets considered this a part of journalism. Dina has helped whistleblowers file qui tam False Claims lawsuits on behalf of the government, recovering more than $200 million to the U.S. Treasury from corrupt corporations.

Here are links to two stories on the military where she exposed a problem and suggested solutions, a flavor of the approach she’ll bring to Tarbell:

People First…and Dogs Too: A Case Study of Throwing Money and High Technology at a Military Problem

Solution: Fixing General Distrust

In between her myriad investigations, Dina is also a prolific writer, authoring three books on privatization and spending in American defense. Look out for her new title, Shattered Minds: How the Pentagon Fails Our Troops with Faulty Helmets, which will be released March 1.

Aside from leading editorial direction, Dina will be developing and authoring her own investigations for Tarbell, covering pollution from massive companies and military propaganda in investigations that will run later this year.

“Tarbell and its founder, Wendell Potter are a perfect mix of wanting to expose fraud and the culture that causes it and then invite the reader to help with potential solutions,” said Dina Rasor. “I am very excited about joining this great endeavor.”

Tarbell is thrilled to bring Dina onboard, especially as the nonprofit news outlet embarks upon detailed investigation and expands its database of solutions.

“In looking far and wide for Tarbell’s first Managing Editor, we knew we needed someone with a track record of exposing moneyed, powerful special interests,” Tarbell Founder Wendell Potter said. “Dina Rasor is the best in the business at holding the powerful to account in the public interest. She has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for the federal government, spurred the 1980s military reform movement and has written multiple books that expose crony capitalism at the highest level.

“I am confident Dina will inspire Tarbell’s members and supporters, taking our journalism and our impact to the next level.”

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