EP 12 – Health care journalism in the heartland with Trudy Lieberman

On this episode, Wendell and Joey discuss health care reform, rural America and the state of health care journalism with past president of the Association of Health Care Journalists and Tarbell.org contributor, Trudy Lieberman.

Read Trudy’s piece here. Season 2 coming soon! 



EP 11 – Meet the propaganda outfit fighting against Medicare For All

On this episode, Wendell and Joey introduce listeners to the propaganda shop that is fighting back against Medicare For All legislation. They’ve named the group the Partnership For America’s Health Care Future, and it comprises the biggest health care special interests and trade associations in the country — not patients and other regular folks.


EP 10 – The importance of grassroots campaigning with John Pudner

On the episode, Wendell and Joey discuss campaign finance, grassroots politics and common ground between republicans and democrats with the executive director of Take Back Our Republic, John Pudner.


EP 9 – Dental Therapy with Dr. Frank Catalanotto

On the episode, Wendell and Joey discuss The American Dental Association, dental therapists and the future of oral health care in the United States with former dental school dean and advocate Dr. Frank Catalanotto.


EP 8 – Propaganda’s role in worsening a dental care epidemic

On the episode, Wendell and Joey discuss how the American Dental Association is attempting to derail efforts to expand the dental workforce in the United States. Research shows that mid-level providers called “Dental Therapists” expand access to the country’s most underserved. The ADA, which represents the financial interests of dentists, claims dental therapists are not the answer to America’s “hidden epidemic.”


EP 7 – Consumer Consequences with Lizabeth Cohen

On the episode, Wendell and Joey discuss American Consumerism, capitalism and Amazon with Harvard professor and author of “A Consumers’ Republic,” Lizabeth Cohen. Happy Holidays!


EP 6 – The Business Case for Medicare for All with Richard Master

On the episode, Wendell and Joey discuss the struggles that business owners face to keep their employees insured, why the status quo can’t continue and the ways to move forward with founder and CEO of MCS Industries and executive producer of the documentary “Fix It,” Richard Master.


EP 5 – Vermont’s fight for Medicare for All with Dr. Deborah Richter

On the episode, Wendell and Joey talk with one of the strongest forces behind Vermont’s near miss Medicare for All system, with practicing physician and president of Vermont Health Care For All, Dr. Deborah Richter.


EP 4 – Red and Blue Bubbles with Ken Stern

On the episode, Wendell and Joey discuss evangelicals, the “Big Sort” and the media divide with former CEO of National Public Radio and author of “Republican Like Me,” Ken Stern. Happy Thanksgiving!


EP 3 – Industry-funded food and nutrition studies with Marion Nestle

On the episode, Wendell and Joey discuss industry-funded studies, Big Food and the consequences a weak press has on our diets with professor and author Marion Nestle.


EP 2 – Pre-Existing Conditions with Donna Smith & Bob Finkelstein

On the episode, Wendell and Joey discuss pre-existing conditions, the Republican’s health care plan and The Affordable Care Act with activists Donna Smith and Bob Finkelstein.


EP 1 – Propaganda with Dr. Robert Lustig

On the episode, Wendell and Joey discuss propaganda, sugar and the new book “The Hacking of the American Mind” with pediatric endocrinologist and author, Dr. Robert Lustig.


EP 0 – Welcome to The Potter Report

Wendell and Joey introduce themselves and give an overview of what to expect from The Potter Report.