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This Week In Tarbell

What role does private insurance have in a true single-payer or Medicare For All scenario? In his new column on Tarbell, UC-San Francisco health policy professor emeritus James G. Kahn argues that it would be minimal, and explores why the people who allegedly want to keep their private plan would not actually miss it.


Click Here To Read Dr. Kahn’s Analysis – “Medicare For All And Private Insurance: It Is Like Mixing Oil And Water” – On Tarbell.org

After a string of privacy and disclosure lawsuits, Facebook knows how to weather the scrutinizing eye of the FTC. To them, a $5 billion fine from the U.S. government is just the Cost of Doing Business.

Click Here To Read The Story – “Facebook Prepared For FTC Penalties, And Came Out Ahead” – On Tarbell.org

Rep. Donna Shalala was quick to dismiss the idea of allowing cheaper drug imports from other countries in order to lower health care costs. However, she has big incentives to make sure America’s Big Pharma companies earning. This week, we’re republishing a piece from Sludge on the Florida representative and her proliferation of contributions she’s received and investments she’s made with the health care industry.

Click Here To Read The Story – “Donna Shalala Opposes Florida Drug Import Bill, and So Do Her Pharma Lobbyist Donors” – On Tarbell.org

Plus, Dr. Raymond Feierabend, the retired rural physician who writes analyses for Tarbell, returns with a look at how his state of Tennessee is trying to shred its own medical safety net.

Click Here To Read The Story – “TennCare Doesn’t Care: The Unraveling Of A State Medicaid Program” – On Tarbell.org

President Trump has made reducing the absurd cost of prescriptions the hallmark of his election campaign, but a series of events butt against his proposals. Tarbell Founder Wendell Potter speaks to the team at The Real News Network on the Trump Administration’s mission to reduce drug prices, and the factors that are reducing that plan to rhetoric.

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Notable Investigations And Solutions

The Heartland Institute gathered a legion of fossil fuel industrialists and influential climate deniers under one roof – the Trump Hotel, where hopeful conservative influencers invest on luxe rooms and lavish meals in order to court presidential attention.

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When TurboTax’s maker Intuit was blunted by the Trump Administration’s tax law, the company found a method to target more low-income and disabled clients and trick them into paying higher fees via their maze of software, ProPublica found.

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders proclaimed that he won’t accept any money from health insurance and pharma executives, and he called on his competitors to do the same.

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A former Rick Perry campaign staffer and an energy lobbyist is leaning into the Trump 2020 campaign, raising more than $111,000 through bundled donations.

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Spotlight On Local Reporting

Based on just a few paperwork flubs in the state’s complicated Medicaid managed care program, hundreds of thousands of Tennessee children will lose out on coverage.

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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)’s record-breaking fundraising round this last quarter affirmed the incumbent’s strength heading into a 2020 reelection campaign in South Carolina.

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The trade-seeking vacation that Florida officials took in May was funded from generous corporate sponsors, who invested more than $311,000 in the travel, according to documents seen by the Florida Phoenix.

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