1. Suzhou police’s fake criminal investigation. 

a. In my last article with Tarbell, I revealed the FAA refused to forward my complaint to law enforcement agencies for a criminal investigation.

Whistleblowing in China could be dangerous for public health and safety. The latest Wuhan Virus whistleblower Doctor Li’s case tells it all.

b. I filed a criminal complaint in July 2018 at a police station in Shanghai after IG of U.S. DOT declined to launch a criminal investigation.

c. My case was transferred to Suzhou Industrial Park Police Bureau(SIPPB). According to Chinese law, for a criminal case, the police investigated must be completed within 30 or maximum 60 days. However SIPPB did not start investigating NHJ for eight months, even after I filed several strong complaints to high level Chinese public security authorities.


d. I was finally invited to discuss the case details by SIPPB on March 5,2019, However  my home was intruded in early hours of the morning, eight days after meeting SIPPB officers and five days after the second Max crash.

e. SIPPB informed me in April 2019 they decided to stop NHJ investigation. When I checked with a police officer in charge, I was told they made the No-case decision without even interviewing key witnesses. They verified the key criminal fact of NHJ falsifying GMT material lot SD1850B2-10G from 112pcs to 612pcs in making 1006pcs Single Point Of Failure(SPOF) block of 737 spoiler.

Key Criminal Fact

Part Number P665A0039-02, block of Boeing 737 spoiler

f.  Then, I filed a request for SIPPB to review(in Chinese) its No-case decision which was accepted by SIPPB in 2019 and the criminal investigation resumed.

g. I met SIPPB officers again in April last year and provided more objective and compelling evidence to police.

h. I received a SIPPB notice the next month that the investigation had to be extended because SIPPB regarded the case ”Important and complex” (See below notice)

i.  I received a court hearing notice together with an exhibits package from Suzhou Industrial Park Court(SIPC) 2019-6-28 because NHJ sued me for defamation. The evidence(Exhibits) were mainly criminal case files from SIPPB ongoing criminal investigation in which NHJ was the very suspect.

The case files included a confidential document written by me on advising police how to investigate NHJ, which witnesses to be interviewed, the steps, method to investigate, from the perspective of an international aerospace professional and technical requirement since local police has no expertise at all.

Released case files also include some key witness interrogatories containing personal information such as telephone numbers, addresses, witnesses which should be kept strictly confidential in any case.(below police interrogatory released contained personal information which is blocked by this whistleblower for public disclosure)

It is an offense according to Chinese laws to give case files to the suspect for a criminal investigation before  prosecution. People’s Police Law of the People’s Republic of China

Article 22 People’s policemen may not commit any of the following acts:

(2) to divulge State secrets or secrets of police work;     

(3) to practice fraud, conceal facts of a case, cover up or connive at illegal and criminal activities;  

I filed an urgent complaint 2019-6-30 to Jiangsu Provincial Police Chief for  investigating SIPPB offense(In Chinese).

Boeing Whistleblower’s Fight for Truth( 3 minutes video clip)

j.   I was aware the SIP Court abused its power of discretion in “ordering” police give case files to NHJ in support of the fake defamation lawsuit in order to silence my criminal complaint.

I followed my July 2019 complaint by appealing directly to President Xi Jinping because of such an “important and complex” case was knowingly abused by local law enforcement and judicial organs. There was no response for my complaint.

k. Then I met the SIPPB officers a third time at a Shanghai police station. They brought a lot of files and evidence gathered from their latest investigation efforts. They showed me forged raw material certificates bearing NHJ company logos which were used to ship Suspected Unapproved Parts(SUPs) of Boeing planes to Moog who knowingly accepted and put these SUPs into flight control systems of Boeing planes. I told them how to verify these fake material certificates and by whom, but the police walked away without taking an action.

l.  SIPPB informed me that same month of their last decision to maintain No-Case or No charge against NHJ.

m.   I filed an Appeal For Order to President Xi 2019-8-9(In Chinese), asking for an investigation on local LEA’s abuse of power and knowing protection of the counterfeiter-NHJ. Surprisingly,I received a phone call from a lady officer SIPPB 2019-8-16 that they were processing my appeal to President Xi(in Chinese).

The Chinese law regarding complaint to upper level authorities “  Article 44 whoever ….divulges or transmits the materials of accusation or exposure of relevant information provided by complainant to the individual or unit accused or exposed, he/she shall be given an administrative sanction according to law.”

 I asked the lady officer how could they, as the accused party, process my complaint to their upper level authorities including President Xi. She hung up and I did not hear from any authorities thereafter.

2. Suzhou Procuratorate knowing mishandling complaint.

 a. By law, I filed a complaint to Suzhou Industrial Park Procuratorate(SIPP) in August 2019 requesting SIPP oversight on SIPPB No-case decision. Because either SIPPB or SIPP had no technical knowledge and expertise of aerospace in verifying forgeries and evidences of NHJ counterfeiting Boeing plane parts.

Chinese law says the procuratorate shall hold open hearing(in Chinese) for complaint on a mishandled case if it is important and complex. I requested SIPP to hold a public hearing by inviting aerospace quality and material experts, witness, police investigators as well as me, the whistleblower, to cross examine and verify the criminal facts and witness testimonies to facilitate a thorough and real criminal investigation.

b. But I received a phone call from SIPP Chief Prosecutor Ms. Zhang in October saying they would not hold a public hearing because NHJ case was a “state secret”

c. I met the SIPP prosecutors 2019-10-12 in their Suzhou office trying to learn more about how my complaint was processed. I was told they refused to launch the oversight probe because they were excluding the exhibits indicating counterfeiting facts. Also SIPP refused to cross examine the key witnesses who were tampered during the police investigation process.

d. By law, I filed 2019-1-28 request asking Suzhou LEA and Judicial organs to explain why they knowingly mishandle the case. Neither SIPPB, SIPP or SIPC answered my lawful request.

e. China enacted a new Supervision law in 2018 empowering State Supervision Commission Under Chinese Communist Party Disciplinary Commission for oversight of abuse of power at all executive or judicial branches. I filed a new complaint to Suzhou City Supervision Commission(SCSC) 2020-2-26 following previous three complaints to SIP CCP disciplinary commission.

3. SIPC court 1st hearing on NHJ v Shi defamation is held 2020-3-24. 

  • NHJ used the No-case decision by SIPPB to lodge their defamation claim.
  • I told the court the criminal investigation was completely a fake one and that I have been complaining to Suzhou City Supervision Commission(SCSC), so the defamation lawsuit should be halted pending outcome of SCSC probe on the knowing mishandling by local law enforcement and judicial organs in NHJ’s massive counterfeiting because the Chinese law says a civil case must be reviewed after the dispute of related criminal case is resolved.  
  • I also told the judge my U.S. lawsuit against Moog concerning NHJ counterfeiting was filed prior to NHJ’s civil case, SIPC should consider the suspension of NHJ defamation case pending U.S. lawsuit because NHJ’s counterfeiting was the cause of my U.S. lawsuit. However, the judge moved ahead with his hearing agenda.
  • I asked the Judge to order release of the case files (in Chinese) gathered by SIPPB during their criminal investigation that include raw material certificates bearing NHJ logo. However the judge was in no mood to order. The judge already ordered case file release to NHJ in support their defamation, to be fair, he must order release the rest of the case files containing bombshell evidence to defendants or it is a manifest of injustice.  
  • I asked the judge to invite Mr. Lan Shaomin, the top leader of  Suzhou city (in Chinese), who had a background of aerospace flight control systems  to be present at next court hearing to personally verify raw material certificates bearing NHJ’s logo. As an aerospace expert, Mr Lan knows what fatal accidents could have happened if a fake safety part of flight control is on board. Mr Lan could be the authority within Suzhou to order local law enforcement to have NHJ’s counterfeiting thoroughly investigated. I asked the judge to convey my appeal to Mr. Lan immediately.
Mr. Lan Shaomin, CCP secretary of Suzhou city

  • SIP court should not end up like the kangaroo court of ARB of U.S. Labor or even worse because there seems no correct legal process to follow at the moment. The road to justice seems endless while Boeing safety threat is there.

4.  Expectations

  1. Suzhou City Supervision Commission(SCSC) must take the lesson learned from Wuhan Virus whistleblower case, conduct a real disciplinary probe on local law enforcement and judicial organs who knowingly mishandled the NHJ counterfeiting. Those who acted in protecting the counterfeiters instead of the whistleblower must be held accountable.
  2. SIP court must review NHJ defamation lawsuit based on fact and evidence.  As a fair and equal move, SIP court must order SIPPB release critical information they gathered during later part of criminal investigation including fake material certificates, key witness interview records to defendant attorney. SIP court must summon four key witnesses who were tampered with by SIPPB during its criminal investigation to be cross examined at court hearing for a fair trial.
  3. By Chinese constitution,  Chinese authorities must revoke the exit ban imposed to allow me travel to U.S.A to attend court hearings as a plaintiff and participate in public hearings on the Boeing safety issue, meeting press for public awareness of the Boeing safety threat. Chinese authorities must protect the life and freedom of me as the lawful whistleblower.
  4. Chinese law enforcement agencies must cooperate with U.S. counterparts to conduct a real criminal investigation on NHJ and Moog for their colluded counterfeiting and cover-up.
  5. The FAA must take enforcement action to remove all dangerous SUPs made by NHJ which are still on the flight control systems of Boeing planes(mainly B737 and B777) ASAP or before next fatal accidents.
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