Open enrollment is over and the flood of advertisements for Medicare Advantage plans has ended for another year. I’m happy to report that, once again, I’ve managed to avoid signing up for one of those plans. For those who aren’t familiar with Medicare Advantage... Transcript Here's a startling fact: almost one of every three Americans now has diabetes or prediabetes. Thirty million Americans are already diabetic, and many of them have to use insulin to control their blood sugar levels.
Without the protections in the Affordable Care Act, many would find themselves back in the "bad old days."
Let us see if the Devos family has the heart to chip in on a woman's transplant.
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In the 1960s, with no funding for long-term, chronic dialysis, hospital committees decided who would live and die. It was the federal government that put an end to this practice.
Many Medicare Advantage plans have small networks and high deductibles. If you go out of network, even unknowingly, you will be on the hook for a lot of money out of your own pocket.
You have no guarantee that the doctors and hospitals that the insurance company say are in your network will still be there in the future. And you, not the insurer, get stuck with a the big bill. 
The new Martin Shkreli is Nostrum Laboratories’ Nirmal Mulye – who raised the price of a bladder infection antibiotic from $475 a bottle to nearly $2,400 a bottle.
 Wise, Virginia is not a place that’s easy to get to. It’s 50 miles from the nearest interstate and almost 70 miles from the nearest commercial airport. And regardless of where you start from on your way to Wise—a town of 3,000 people in the Southern Appalachians—you’ll have to...
America’s biggest corporations—prescription drug distributors in particular—are playing in our growing opioid epidemic.
Were it not for the business practices of some of the biggest corporations in America that profit from the manufacture and distribution of massive quantities of opioids, many of those we have lost likely would still be with us. How are those big corporations responding? In one notable case...
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Chances are, you saw a headline or heard a report that went something like this: Expanding Medicare to cover all Americans would cost $32.6 trillion dollars. If I was still a flack for the health insurance industry, I would have worked hard behind the scenes to make sure you saw...
Insurance company CEOs and their shareholders, that’s who.
Studies show life expectancy in the United States is going down while it continues to go up in other developed countries.
I’ve been asked many times if there was one thing, one moment, that led me to leave my job at a big health insurance corporation. Yes, there was, and it occurred five days before Christmas in 2007. That was when a beautiful 17-year-old girl named Nataline Sarkisyan passed away,...
As the support for a single-payer, “Medicare-for-All” health care system in U.S. grows, so do the contributions from the health insurance industry.