Billionaire and politician Michael Bloomberg

Billionaire and politician Michael Bloomberg. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Billionaire politician Michael Bloomberg made a late entry into the Democratic nomination ring to serve as an alternative for the centrist left. And as such, he has matched centrists’ views toward a public health system: Bloomberg does not support Medicare for All and believes removing private health insurance would be detrimental to the economy, but he does support government-provided health care for those who cannot afford it.



His Record

Environmental advocacy – and more recently, gun safety – is the billionaire’s major philanthropic focus, but Bloomberg also donated to the school of public health at his alma mater Johns Hopkins, which took up his name. While serving as mayor for New York City, Bloomberg created several regulations aimed at improving public health – including a ban on large sweetened beverages and access through schools to emergency contraception for girls age 14 and up – that received mixed reviews during his tenure.

From His Website

“Mike believes every American should have access to affordable medical care, and expanding Obamacare and Medicare is the best way to achieve universal coverage. As a mayor, businessman, and philanthropist, Mike has pioneered bold health initiatives that have cleaned the air we breathe, expanded access to prenatal and postnatal care, increased screenings for breast and prostate cancer, dramatically cut teen smoking, and reduced injuries and deaths on roads.”