Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Courtesy of the Southbend, Indiana government

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is leading his campaign with a focus on ensuring that America’s future is better than its past. He wants to make changes that are inclusive and better for every American. His support for health care reform is strong, believing the country needs a fresh start, including an innovative and new era of health care. 

Buttigieg is proposing a Medicare for All Who Want it plan. He wants to ensure that everyone has an affordable option for health coverage that guarantees access to care when they need it, while those who prefer their employer-based private insurance can sustain it. 

Buttigieg plans to pay for his plan with revenue made by rolling back the Trump corporate tax cuts in addition to cost savings that would result from the government negotiating drug prices with big pharmaceutical companies.

Out of $50,936,509 that Buttigieg raised so far in the 2020 elections:

  • $1,783,168 has been linked to the Health sector
  • $675,999 has been linked to health professionals
  • $583,207 has been linked to hospitals/nursing homes
  • Kaiser Permanente is one of his biggest contributors, donating $76,690
[Source: OpenSecrets]


HIs Record

Since his unsuccessful run for Democratic National Committee chair, Buttigieg has supported expansion of the Affordable Care Act and efforts to expand public health care options for those who don’t receive private insurance from their employers. During his term as South Bend mayor, Buttigieg struck down a zoning request from Women’s Care Center, a “pregnancy crisis center” that discourages abortion and aimed to locate next to an ob/gyn that provided abortion services.

From His Website

“Through Pete’s Medicare for All Who Want It plan, everyone will be able to opt in to an affordable, comprehensive public alternative. This affordable public plan will incentivize private insurers to compete on price and bring down costs. If private insurers are not able to offer something dramatically better, this public plan will create a natural glide-path to Medicare for All.

  • Because health care is a human right, guarantee universal coverage through medicare for all who want it.
  • End surprise billing.
  • Expand premium subsidies for low-income people to make marketplace coverage dramatically more affordable for individuals and families.
  • Cap marketplace premium payments at 8.5% of income for everyone, which will primarily help middle-income individuals and families.
  • Cap out-of-pocket costs for seniors on medicare, with a lower cap for low-income seniors.
  • Ensure that non-profit hospitals truly serve their community by strengthening hospital community benefit requirements.
  • Limit what health care providers, including hospitals, can charge for out-of-network care at twice what medicare pays for the same service.
  • Make it easier to afford and find care for mental health and substance use disorder by enforcing parity.
  • Tackle high administrative costs to further bring down the costs of healthcare in america.
  • Empower the federal government to better monitor and challenge more health care mergers, which often raise the cost of care without improving outcomes.”