Democratic Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer speaks at a party convention in 2019

Democratic Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer speaks at a party convention in 2019. Courtesy of Gage Skidmore | Wikimedia Commons

Without directly citing Medicare for All, businessman Tom Steyer says he will create a universal health care system that retains the private insurance marketplace, while empowering the government to negotiate drug prices and reducing “corporate stranglehold” over multiple aspects of American society including health care. He has not released a full policy document on what health care would be under his leadership. 

Steyer raised $49,633,653 so far in the 2020 elections, but industry data is not yet available.

[Source: OpenSecrets]

His Record

Steyer is the founder of the hedge fund Farallon Capital, which has $27 billion in assets under its management. The firm’s sector allocation toward health care has steadily increased over time to the biggest portion of their assets, up to 30% in Q2 this year, according to 13F form analysis by Whale Wisdom. 


From His website

“The American people deserve a health care system where everyone has access to quality, affordable, and secure health care. Tom supports a universal health care system, including a strong public option that aggressively competes with the private insurance marketplace, drives down costs, and expands coverage. As president, Tom will work to reduce prescription drug costs, increase system accountability, eliminate surprise billing, and put patients and doctors — not the drug manufacturers or insurers — in charge of their health care.”