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Happening in Washington


Outlook cover story by @wendellpotter: "I sold Americans a lie about Canadian medicine. Now we’re paying the price."

⁦@wendellpotter⁩, thanks for being a Health insurance whistleblower: “I lied to Americans about Canadian medicine” WaPo.

Moderna to charge $32 to $37 a dose for its COVID vaccine. The CEO who has been selling stock routinely, describes this as a gift, “well under its value.”

Considering we taxpayers paid for it, I think it’s approximately $32-$37 too high.

Conflict of Interest here is stunning. Dr. Nabel's failure to disclose is unforgivable.
It's shameful that as Americans struggle w/the pandemic, Dr. Nabel gets rich.
But Big @Phrma money/corruption extends to every corner of our system. @BrighamWomens