Oral Health in America:Removing the Stain of Disparity details inequities to an oral health care system that disproportionately affects the poor, those without insurance, underrepresented and underserved communities, the disabled, and senior citizens. This book addresses issues in workforce development including the use of dental therapists, the rationale for the development of racially/ethnically diverse providers, and the lack of public support through Medicaid, which would guarantee access and also provide a rationale for building a system, one that takes into account the impact of a lack of visionary and inclusive leadership on the nation’s ability to insure health justice for all.

Representing a broad spectrum of diversity, the authors bring their unique experiences and cultural insights to each chapter. Contributors represent the work and commitment of health care providers, philanthropy, corporate commitments, individual policy analysts, and decision makers. Their goal is to make visible the needless pain and suffering inequities cause and to provide options visionary leaders can adapt and implement to ensure health equity.

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