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Happening in Washington


A rigged economic and political system is when billionaires spend $1.2 billion in campaign contributions to buy politicians in the last election, become $2 trillion richer during the pandemic and pay a lower effective tax rate than a nurse. Yes, we must abolish Citizens United.

If I were back at my old job as an insurance executive we would have been elated with this earnings report.

I would be pitching my CEO to CNBC, Bloomberg and other financial outlets and schedule a shiny black SUV to pick him up. No wonder OOPs and premiums are skyrocketing!

Commonwealth’s reporting of rising deductibles is awful but it makes sense.

Instead of United giving Americans relief from ever-increasing out-of-pocket requirements, in 2021 United spent $5B buying back its own shares of stock and paid shareholders $5B in dividends in 2021.

JUST IN: UnitedHealth Group’s 2021 earnings report is the biggest in health insurance history with $24 Billion in profits.

This was announced just days after the Commonwealth Fund's report that showed deductibles are skyrocketing for Americans.

Corporations point to increased costs, hike prices, make a killing, and know you can’t do a thing about it.

When you own 65 brands across 10 different product categories, what choice do people have?


I often think of this comment from Dr. King when I see politicians talk only about voting rights while they refuse to defy their corporate donors and deliver economic benefits to millions of people.