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Happening in Washington


As a former health insurance exec turned whistleblower, it’s my obligation to call out this industry’s harmful behavior. That’s why I’ve partnered with Un-covered, a new platform that exposes how payors put profits over people.

For these greedy health insurance companies – like the ones I used to work for – money is like good whiskey was to Mark Twain.

Too much is barely enough.

The bottom line? A public option in Connecticut could save lives. It will provide needy residents decent coverage, or an alternative to horrible corporate plans. And as a small state, it won’t even do any material damage to those companies' hefty bottom lines.

And United pulled that off while losing more than 725,000 policyholders! Wall Street was so impressed that UnitedHealth’s stock price hit an all-time high last week. That alone made UnitedHealth President Dirk McMahon, one of the letter signers, considerably richer.