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Happening in Washington


If you’re worried about the assault on democracy, wait till you learn about corporations and billionaires routinely buying elections and public policy.

As we applaud the passage of #BuildBackBetter, we cannot overlook THE glaring misstep in the legislation: the absence of Medicare dental coverage — the number one provision Americans want in BBB according to @MorningConsult.

Happy to see that Lyla can get the treatment she needs for her excruciating pain. Disgraceful though that Dream Machine had to step in because @UnitedHealthGrp refuses to pay. @AishaS

This will make you proud to be an American. It should also make you mad as hell and take to the streets to protest the takeover of our health care system by the likes of @UnitedHealthGrp.

Great work, @AishaS.

This doctor had a heart attack. His health insurer denied his $500k+ claim b/c his heart attack “wasn’t pre-authorized.” eg how health insurers pass costs onto patients while collecting record revenues

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Buyer Beware: A pharma front group-the Rare Access Action Project-is running ads against Medicare negotiation saying it'll be "The End Of Innovation." As a patient w/a rare incurable disease, these lies are offensive. Negotiation will ensure innovation at prices we can afford.