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Happening in Washington


These victories in the states show that the powerful insurance industry can be beaten with the right message, focus & tactics. We now have a playbook for how to win. And the moral high-ground on our side.
The only question now is: Do our national leaders have the political will?

But the real point here is that it's time for the president and congress to take on the glaring problem staring them in the face: On the heels of a deadly pandemic, our *national* health care system is a recipe for suffering, death and bankruptcy. And it's time to fix it. Now.

With the feds inactive on this issue, other states are taking matters into their own hands, too. The "Colorado Option" is expected to be available in 2023. There's also talk that New York has enough votes to establish a single payer system, if Albany leaders will allow a vote.

To counter the industry's lies (that are designed to protect their profits), we at @cforhd testified before the legislature, ran ads, wrote op-eds, wrote to legislators, distributed posters & beat them at their own game. The lesson is clear: We can win this battle elsewhere, too.

The Nevada Option was just signed by its governor, and will lower premiums & cover 350k uninsured Nevadans. The bad news? The fight wasn’t easy, as the industry poured millions into propaganda to confuse voters.

The good news? We now have a blueprint for how to beat them back.