Report Corruption

Are you a whistleblower? Are you witness to corruption and collusion?

Tarbell is a non-profit news site and we protect our confidential sources!

How To Connect Securely To Tarbell


Signal is an encrypted phone application that allows you to send encrypted messages to your Android, iOS and Desktop devices. This is probably the simplest method to contact Tarbell via encryption.

Tarbell’s Signal Number: +855 95 918 800

Encrypted Email

You can also encrypt your email using our PGP fingerprint and public key. Please note that if you use an encrypted mail plugin (e.g. Mailvelope, FlowCrypt), your email address and subject line are not encrypted. If you’re not familiar with end-to-end encryption, check out this deep dive on encryption and how to use it from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Fingerprint: D687 538C 8700 DDEB AD91 58B2 81BA 5AD5 CBCC FDEB

Email: [email protected]

Postal Mail

Sending documents in a physical package is another option for anonymity. If you choose this option, be sure to mail the package via a freestanding mailbox, rather than from your house, workplace or post office.

Mail secure packages to:

215 East Bay Street
Suite 402
Charleston, SC 29401

When in doubt, protect yourself. If you need more advice, check out POGO’s resources for federal employees and whistleblowers for a more extensive description of risks and protections.