Tarbell is pioneering journalism that informs, galvanizes and changes America.

Through Tarbell, we aim to carry the torch of Ida Tarbell, the investigative journalist who revolutionized reporting at the turn of the twentieth century. Her brand of hard-hitting journalism inspired important regulations on monopolies that still keep companies in check today. 

But corporations and special interests are becoming more powerful, and many people feel as if they are losing control of this democracy and this country.

At Tarbell, we aim to put the power back in the hands of citizens, because we believe that understanding the scope of problems and the paths toward improvement is the first step to improving society. Our team is committed to revealing underreported issues through investigative reporting, creating informational resources to clarify misconceptions and spin, offering solutions based on expert opinions, and following issues until they reach a resolution.

our founder

Wendell Potter | Emily Assiran for Philadelphia Magazine

Wendell Potter is best known for his crisis of conscience in 2007 that led to him abandoning a seven-figure payout in corporate America for the life of a rabble rouser. Eight years after Wendell’s historic Congressional testimony changed the future of American health care, Tarbell aims to carry on the legacy of all whistleblowers: Exposing bad actors who prevent progress while ushering in change for the public good.

Become a member of Tarbell to support Wendell’svwork and contact him anytime at wendell@tarbell.org. Watch Tarbell’s most recent crowdfunding video below.

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We know our readers want to understand how money works behind the scenes — and as you support us, know that we hold ourselves to the same transparency standards regarding our funding.

Tarbell is entirely funded by the tax-deductible donations of readers, as well as grant funding from news organizations. We do not accept advertising or corporate money. Find a list of our largest financial supporters here.

Tarbell is a publication of To Be Fair, Inc., a 501(c)3 established in 2016 to unveil the influence of corporations and special interests in American policy and society. And as such, we aim to exercise a high degree of transparency in our own financial reporting. Explore Tarbell’s IRS reporting on Guidestar.org, and reach out to questions@tarbell.org with additional questions about our operations.