1. Check the cash price on your prescription. There’s a good chance that number is lower than your co-pay. You can find out fast and shop for the best local deal by visiting Goodrx.com.
  2. Arm yourself with knowledge. Physician David Belk has dug deep into the costing of American healthcare. It’s all laid out at his website truecostofhealthcare.org.
  3. The Trump administration has unveiled a plan it says will fix the high cost of drugs. Find out more here.
  4. A coalition of doctors unveiled a counter-proposal that they say will address drivers of high drug costs like Big Pharma directly funding its regulators and cost controls to make medicines affordable for all Americans. Find our more here and connect with the health care advocacy group, Physicians for a National Health Program, behind the proposal here.
  5. Large hospital systems are launching their own nonprofit generic drug manufacturing company to do an end run around middlemen and lower prices. Find out more here.
  6. Medicines360 uses a hybrid model to get affordable drugs and medical devices to poor women around the globe. Check it out here.

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