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This Week in Tarbell

Boeing’s Troubles Are Far From Over. Early this year, IT publications reported that Boeing 737 were going blank as they landed mid-runway. Another 737 took off in Brisbane, Australia, only to experience “spontaneous disintegration” mid-flight, forcing the plane to turn back. In the wake of the MAX crisis, when multiple 737 MAX planes crashed across the globe, industry whistleblowers told Tarbell’s Joe Toppe that the planes are still being made with substandard parts.

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A Message From Wendell: Tarbell is named after Ida Tarbell, a legendary journalist known for her hard-hitting reports that questioned the power of monopolies like Standard Oil, as well as her smooth, explanatory writing style. With this new brand and style, Tarbell the news outlet is renewing its commitment to deliver objective, informative journalism that brings truth to the forefront on the topics of health care, defense, environment and culture.


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A Billionaire’s Commitment to the Environment: At a time when President Trump has made massive rollbacks on environmental regulations, Tarbell’s executive director Scott Terry writes that Amazon founder & CEO Jeff Bezos made a significant investment by creating a $10 billion-dollar climate investment fund. Even though employees raise concerns over the company’s business practices, Terry writes that the multi-billionaire has made an honorable decision.

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Around the Web

Health Care: Senators from across the aisle introduced a bill last year to regulate prescription drug prices. Antagonists like President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually agree on the idea that drug prices are uncontrolled. In an analysis piece, the Wall Street Journal notes this isn’t just a sign that health care is becoming too unaffordable, but that the drug lobby is simultaneously shedding its clout.

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Environment: President Trump’s decision to release companies from regulations that protect the land and safety of residents sent shockwaves through the country. But the oil industry is simultaneously working to win the hearts of Americans at home, with PR campaigns and mail flyers across Pennsylvania, Washington and other states.

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Follow the Money: When Democrats receive, they are often willing to give back. OpenSecrets notes this week that Democratic candidates are receiving endorsements from the local level candidates who had received donations from their PACs in previous races.

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