Insurance company CEOs and their shareholders, that’s who.
Studies show life expectancy in the United States is going down while it continues to go up in other developed countries.
Donna Smith, a major force behind expanding the United State's health care system, is hanging up her hat.
I’ve been asked many times if there was one thing, one moment, that led me to leave my job at a big health insurance corporation. Yes, there was, and it occurred five days before Christmas in 2007. That was when a beautiful 17-year-old girl named Nataline Sarkisyan passed away,...
“We need to give the criminal purveyors of these products no quarter,” Scott Gottlieb, FDA Commissioner, said. 
As the support for a single-payer, “Medicare-for-All” health care system in U.S. grows, so do the contributions from the health insurance industry.
Dear Tarbell Readers, I wanted to give you a heads up on an exciting development regarding our recent story on the drug industry’s scheme with the Obama administration to discourage Americans’ use of international pharmacies. Many citizens depend on legitimate overseas drug stores to supply affordable medications. On June 11, Florida State Representative Danny...
The Food and Drug Administration is stopping more packages at the border. Many are ordered by Americans trying to save money on medications.
Eleven years ago today, while I was still serving as head of corporate communications for Cigna, I flew from Philadelphia to Sacramento to attend the first U.S. screening of a new documentary, Michael Moore’s SiCKO. It never occurred to me as I walked into the historic Crest Theatre that...
You’re not alone in wanting to fix a broken system that perpetuates high prices.
Many medicines are cheaper if you buy them outside your insurance for the cash price.
The arrangements between drug manufacturers and insurance middlemen are accelerating price increases.
When you buy an overpriced medicine at the pharmacy, a complex network of players has taken a quiet cut. They aim to keep it that way.
Across the country, expanding the dental workforce to include dental therapists is one of a very few health care proposals that attracts support from lawmakers in both parties.
Yes, Novartis secretly paid Trump lawyer Michael Cohen $1.2 million to gain insights into the president’s thinking on health care. But there is more to it.
Thirty-six state attorneys general and others allege that the manufacturer of Suboxone, a balm for America’s opioid crisis, gamed regulators and manipulated the market to overcharge consumers.
The drug industry worked with the Obama administration to sow safety fears about cheaper medications from foreign sources.
The coveted treat was quietly delivered by lawmakers who had long sought oil extraction in wildlife refuge.
David Lichtenstein A new treatment could extend David’s life by 33%. But he can’t afford to take it. David Lichtenstein has ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, and likely has only 3 to 5 years to live. This summer, the FDA approved a new treatment called Redicava that could extend...
If prescription drugs are cheaper in other countries, why not allow Americans to import them? In many cases we’re talking about bringing back drugs that U.S. companies made in the first place. To be sure, re-importation has long been a popular idea with individuals and some policy makers. But no...